CBC (Europe) GmbH

As a subsidiary of the globally active CBC Group based in Tokyo, the company has been supplying top-quality products to many countries in continental Europe since 1986.

With great success: since its founding, CBC (Europe) can point to steady, sustainable growth and is today one of the most successful manufacturing trading companies in its sector in Germany.

CBC (Europe) GmbH combines the following business areas:

  • Biogard
  • Chemicals
  • Optics & Video
  • Medical
  • Toner

The following applies to all business units: quality thinking and customer proximity are fixed components of the company's philosophy. The fast availability of all high-quality products stands for the claim to always provide the customer with the optimum performance in the shortest possible time - while at the same time offering unique value for money.

Thanks to its many years of experience, CBC (Europe) GmbH is a professional partner that offers everything: Reliability, continuity, fast delivery and excellent customer service - at any time and any place.